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Testimonials from our clients

Silvia is amazing! Whenever I come home from vacation my pet Bengal cat, Kullu, acts as if I had not been away. With Silvia she is sure to get food, fun and cuddles. My cat is at ease when she is in her loving care. Thanks Home Alone!!
Jason Ranjit Parmar 

Silvia was available on short notice when I injured my leg. Katja was very happy about that! She was very professional and reliable. I highly recommend her service. 
Sandra Grant                                                                    

Since 2002 Silvia Wasek through her pet sitting service Home Alone has provided excellent care for my dogs and cats while I have been on vacation or needed just some extra help. She always provides professional and loving care. Everyone is happy and excited to see Silvia whenever she comes to our home. I can see from their happy tail wags and purrs how much fun they have with Silvia. I am very comforted by Silvia's attentiveness and 100% consistent reliability.
Leslie Wallach
This letter will attest to the integrity, diligence and work ethic of Silvia Wasek. I own two dogs, a cat and two birds, all of whom receive the best of care while entrusted to her. Silvia has been pet sitting for me for many years and I hope she will remain available for many years to come.
Joan K. Friel

Due to illness I can no longer walk my dogs myself. Silvia has been a lifesaver! I can always count on her to care for my companions.
Jim Stillman                                                                         

I have a cattery which produces top CFA show quality Balinese and Javanese cats. I first met Silvia when she was employed by my vet, the Cat Clinic of Mill Valley, many years ago.I  was always impressed with Silvia's integrity and professionalism. Therefore, when she started her pet sitting business I was happy to use her to take care of all of my cats when I was away. I have employed Silvia on many occasions over the years and she has always done a superb job. My cats, even the shy ones really like Silvia and she shows a caring concern for all of them. Because I have a cattery, I have more cats than the average household does and Silvia has made a great effort to know each and everyone by name and personality quirk. I was recently away on vacation for over a week. When I returned, the house was in excellent order indicating that Silvia had made great effort to clean up after the brood. In addition, despite the fact that I had told her that I would take care of changing all the cat boxes upon my return, Silvia went ahead and changed them for me, "so that I could relax".In other words, Silvia is highly professional and reliable and goes above and beyond to do a good job. It is my pleasure to recommend her to anyone needing a great pet sitter.
MaryKae Krause (Staccato Balinese and Javanese)
Silvia is absolutely wonderful! We have four cats, two of whom are on medications twice a day. Silvia was recommended to us by our vet. Our cats love Silvia and when we come home they're always purring and happy and she leaves us a note to let us know how everything went. She knows our cats so well she even knows when they're not feeling well. Last year when we went away for a few days she left us a note saying she noticed one of the cats wasn't eating as much and was peeing outside the box. We took the cat to the vet and it turned out she was in the early stages of a urinary infection.
Barbara Burgess

I live in an assisted living facility with my little Cocker Mickey. I am no longer able to walk my Mickey. Silvia comes twice a day to take him for walks. Silvia has helped me to take Mickey to the groomer and to the vet. She also feeds him and gives him baths. I'm so grateful for her service. If it weren't for Silvia I wouldn't be able to keep Mickey at the facility.  
David Seigal                                                                

Silvia  has managed my hyperactive puppy from their first meeting.  She is calm, firm and knowledgeable (nursing background).  It is always a relief when Silvia comes because it allows me to run errands without worry and I know my puppy is safe, exercising and having fun!  Highly recommended without hesitation.
Cheryl Gacetta

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