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Our services & fees

 Our services include a wide range of chores and our fees are very competitive. Most pet sitters will charge extra for anything besides feeding your pet companion and often charge per pet. Home Alone charges the same fee for up to five pets and only a small additional amount for more than five pets. We not only include medicating pets in the same low fee but also offer a variety of other services all included in the same fee. We charge the same fee throughout the entire year and we are available on all the major holidays and during high travel season with no additional charge.

Our service includes:                                                                        
Changing water 
Cleaning litter boxes 
Bringing in mail and newspapers 
Watering of house plants 
Play time with kitties 
Walks with dogs 
Administration of medication if needed 
Grooming and nail trimming  


An additional fee is charged for:
Trips to the groomer or veterinarian 
More than five pets 
Greenhouse or yard watering

$30 per visit 
$5 additional for more than five pets  
Payment in full is due as service is rendered unless otherwise agreed upon 
We accept cash or checks 
Make checks payable to Home Alone.

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