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Home Alone Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service of Marin County
Have you ever canceled your vacation or spend sleepless nights wondering what to do with your beloved pet so you can go on vacation? Do you ever have a busy day at work and worry that your doggy companion misses out on his walk? Do you have to give medication to your pet and are afraid it would break the special bond you share or are physically unable to give the medication?
Well, wonder no more - there is Home Alone to your rescue.
Home Alone is a pet sitter and dog walker service in Marin County which provides daily visits to homes and pets while their owners are on vacation or otherwise unable to care for them. The pet sitter and dog walker service was founded in 1996 by the owner, Silvia Wasek who is a resident of Marin County since 1989. It started out with just a few clients and has been steadily expanding to hold well over 250 clients.
Our pet sitter and dog walker service provides visits to pets while their owners are on vacation or otherwise away. We service the entire county of Marin. Visits are once or multiple times daily, depending on the needs of the pet. The visit includes feeding, watering, cleaning of litter boxes, and other chores such as bringing in the mail and newspapers, watering plants, and, of course, play time with kitties and walks with dogs.  Our pet sitter and dog walker service is equally able to care for additional pets, such as hamsters, fish, birds, etc. Trips to the veterinarian or groomer can be easily arranged.
If you have a busy work schedule and can't always fit in a walk with your pooch, our dog walker can provide walks, exercise time and lots of fun for your doggy companion. On our walks we take into consideration each dog's age, condition, and ability. Walks are performed on an individual basis unless otherwise requested by the owner.
Oftentimes people have to give medication to their pets and don't want to break the special bond they are sharing. Other times people are physically unable to administer the medication. Our pet sitter can be of great help here. Since Silvia Wasek, the owner of Home Alone, has a background in nursing and also has many years experience working with animals in medical situations, she is able to administer any kind of medication. Our pet sitter comes to your home and administers the medication in a gentle and professional way.
We are also certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR.
Our fees are competitive and our visits are reliable. We believe in honesty and integrity. Our visits are daily, reliable, friendly, and include TLC for each individual pet. We are looking forward to serving Marin County pet(s) in need of a companion

Award for best pet sitter

We were voted "Best Pet Sitting Service" in 2014 and 2015.

Reader's choice award

We are the proud winner of the 2017 and 2018 

Marin Independent Journal Reader's Choice Award.

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