Silvia Wasek, the owner of Home Alone, was born and raised in Germany where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and then worked as a Registered Nurse on a Cardiology ward for several years. Upon arrival in the United States, Silvia immediately enrolled at the University of Colorado and later at San Francisco State University in order to improve her language skills and continue her education.
During her entire life she has had a fondness for animals. Often times, she would pick up and bring home a stray that she had found on her way home from school - very much to the dismay of her parents. Her professional interest in animals started when she volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito where she was mostly involved with the intensive care of premature harbor seal pups. From 1992 to March 2000, Silvia worked part time as a Veterinary Assistant at the Cat Clinic of Mill Valley and also part time as a Wildlife Technician at WildCare where she helped with the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured wildlife. She is also certified in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR. Over the years she also fostered many kittens for the Forgotten Felines, a non-profit organization that rescues stray cats and their kittens. In 1996, Silvia received a phone call from a lady that needed to be hospitalized and was unable to bring her cat to a boarding facility. Silvia readily agreed to visit the kitty on a daily basis and feed her until the owner was back from the hospital. This was the start of Home Alone. With only a few clients at first, Silvia was able to pet sit before and after her other jobs. By March 2000 her clientele had significantly increased and Silvia decided to become a full time pet sitter.Today Home Alone serves more than 250 active clients and is steadily expanding.
Silvia provides a wide range of services including walks with dogs, administering medication, feeding, cleaning of litter boxes and lots of play time for cats. Due to her medical background, Silvia is able to administer any type of medication such as shots, subcutaneous fluids, pills and liquid drops as well as provide special care based on each pet's individual needs. Having a cat and a dog of her own, Silvia knows the importance of reliable, daily visits as well as friendliness and TLC for each individual pet. During heavy travel times such as holidays and the summer months, a backup sitter who is also well trained in animal care and is very reliable, honest and caring helps out.

Meet the Team

Doris  (backup sitter)

Silvia Wasek (owner)

Damon has been walking dogs for five years, independently and as a dog walker for Home Alone. He does One-On-One walks or group walks for dogs from the same household. His walks include training and exercise. Damon walks any breed and does not discriminate against certain breeds. Damon has two dogs of his own and knows the importance of reliable, daily walks as well as attention to each individual dog. Damon can provide care to special needs dogs as well as elderly dogs. Walks are around the neighborhood or at owner requested locations. Damon is proficient in Pet CPR and First Aid and can also provide trips to the veterinarian or groomer. Our dog walker will provide you with daily updates of the walks as well as a picture of your pooch on the fun outing.

Doris is our back up sitter. She does the afternoon visits in southern Marin as well as occasional morning visits when Silvia or Damon are unavailable. Doris has many years of pet sitting experience and has pets of her own. She is proficient in Pet CPR and First Aid. Administering medications to pets and attending special needs pets is no problem. Doris has a great love for animals and is very reliable. She is also flexible time wise and will meet with you for an initial visit if needed.

​Damon  (dog walker)